Get Your Money Sooner

Get Your Money Sooner

Need money fast? Apply for a tax advance in Rockford, IL.

You have mouths to feed and bills to pay. Why wait longer than you need to for money that you've earned? Professional Tax Service helps you get the tax advance that you need to collect that money that's owed to you a little earlier.

The amount you receive is based on the tax refund you are expected to receive. Thanks to our loans, you can use the money when you need it instead of waiting around for a mountain of paperwork to go through.

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Cover your expenses with one of our tax refund loans

You can't always wait for your tax refund to be ready. Thanks to our tax refund loans, you don't have to wait. We'll make sure you get your money as soon as possible. When you apply for a tax loan through us, we'll make sure you have the money you need within 24 hours or less.

All you have to do is:

  • File your taxes with us
  • Apply for a tax advance
  • Receive your approved loan
  • Put that money to good use

Contact us today to speak to an accountant about tax refund loans in Rockford, IL.